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# Song Name Performer Genre Date of uploading Download counts Song rating
11LaylaEric ClaptonBlues Rock (Blues)2020-05-010
12Killing me softlyFrank SinatraVocal Jazz2020-05-030
13FaithGeorge MichaelSchlager (Pop)2020-05-021
14Rich GirlGwen StefaniDance Pop2020-05-010
15The PassengerIggy PopPunk (Alternative)2020-05-010
16Another Day In ParadisePhil CollinsBlues Rock (Blues)2020-05-010
17Purple RainPrincePower Pop2020-05-011
18Dark NecessitiesRed Hot Chili PeppersGrunge (Alternative)2020-05-012
19You're Still The OneShania TwainClassic Country2020-05-020